Online Home Sustainability Courses

Tucson Association of REALTORS® is proud to partner with Rise to bring sustainable housing resources to its members. Rise is a leading online resource with a mission to accelerate the adoption of sustainable home improvement by empowering and educating the world to do so.

Rise online courses are designed to get real estate professionals up to speed on the emerging topics around the sustainability, efficiency, and health of a home in non-technical terms so they stand out from the competition, win more listings, and close more deals!

Online Courses

Healthy Homes

In this online course, real estate professionals will learn how to recognize and understand healthy home elements. While this course is not an exhaustive list, it provides a starting point in the healthy house hunting journey.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify air quality hotspots in the home
  • Compare popular home building materials
  • Outline what to look for and how to test a home's drinking water
  • Identify the different ventilation systems and add-ons that can improve the indoor air quality in a home
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Fundamentals of Sustainable Homes

This course provides an in-depth understanding of sustainable housing and offers direction on how to use this knowledge to support your clients in their home buying, selling, and upgrading decisions.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the characteristics of a sustainable home.
  • Recognize various sustainability programs that go beyond the minimum building code.
  • Explain how viewing the "House as a System" (HAAS) can help homeowners.
  • List various products that will increase a home's energy efficiency and sustainability

Solar Energy Basics

In this course, we’ll dive into these questions and explore how solar panels REALLY impact your health, your wealth, and the planet so that real estate professionals can help their clients decide if solar is right for them.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify home readiness for solar panels
  • Distinguish between on and off-grid systems
  • Understand the economics of solar panels (cost and payback period calculations)
  • Discover other types of renewable energy for homes

I really enjoyed this course, super ‘step up’ from basic info. I have taken lots of energy-efficient or green courses and I feel like this was just the right amount of informative.

-Jen Gilbert, Coldwell Banker City Side Realty

Content is fantastic! I have taken courses for 20+ years, and this is the first time I have not rushed through just to finish it. The content is actually captivating, and I literally don’t want to finish it in 3 hours. What's next?

- Mariana, Coldwell Banker Supercity Realty

Over the years I have taken a number of continuing education courses and sometimes I am left with the feeling that the course was a waste of time and not relative to my real estate business. It was great. The subject is timely and relative. In short, my compliments on an outstanding course.

- Arnold Chippin, Chippins Limited

The relationship between a client and their REALTOR® is built on a foundation of trust, as clients rely on their agents to provide informed guidance. These new courses empower REALTORS® with the knowledge needed to support their clients in making informed and conscientious decisions, as well as expanding your knowledge about the products used in the homes that you sell.

Additional Resources


The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast is an ongoing series developed by Latitude. Latitude is a real estate firm specializing in helping buyers and sellers purchase and sell sustainable real estate.

The Podcast is a show that explores our natural and built environments and how they can be used as a force for good. The show sets out to inspire impactful ideas, meaningful change, human wellness, and ecological restoration through interviews and easy to digest conversations.

Episode 26 of The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast is titled "Health, Wealth and the Planet with Matt Daigle." Host Neal Collins chatted with Rise Founder and CEO about his background and Rise's evolution in the episode.

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